Our history

We have accumulated extensive experience in Debt Management where we have been operating since 1980. Over the years, we have been able to contribute to the professionalization and regulation of the credit market in Spain, becoming one of the largest debt management companies in the country, and the third largest buyer of bad debt in the Spanish market. We have managed to do so by staying loyal to our Purpose, Values and Mission; and thanks to the solutions we offer to all those who give and receive credit.


Our experience, our Purpose, Values, Mission, and our solutions differentiate us and make us unique. These have been the principles and commitments that have allowed us to develop and grow for more than 40 years:


Our Purpose is the core driver of Gescobro. We move towards that purpose guided by our Values and our Mission:

“We believe in trust and long-term relationships based on the fair fulfillment of our acquired commitments. We provide the best solutions to all those who give and receive credit, so that they continue to grow in their business and life projects. This is how we contribute to improving the future of the economy and society”.

We build the path to your financial freedom and recovery


Our Values define how we achieve our Purpose, guide our behaviors and our decision-making, and strengthen our corporate Culture.

Commitment & Integrity

We are committed to contributing to the progress of the economy and society through professionalism and the generation of trust in everything we do:

  • With an active commitment of more than 40 years of experience
  • With a clear long-term vision
  • With integrity, transparency, and good governance
  • With rigor and professionalism
  • Protecting the good reputation of our clients

Excellence & Know how

We are committed to achieving results and excellence. We do it by relying on our Know How and the excellent professionals that form our team:

  • We move forward with a vocation for continuous improvement
  • We believe in effort and professional ambition
  • We have solid financial health
  • We have earned a strong corporate reputation

Solutions & Execution

We are committed to a customer orientation and therefore your satisfaction is a priority for us. Our service and execution capacity make up our identity:

  • We look for the best tailor-made solutions for our clients
  • We act flexibly and empathetically
  • We have advanced products and services
  • We combine great execution capacity with excellent quality

Respect & Collaboration

We are committed to our team, with a work environment centered on people and based on empathy. The professional development and well-being of our employees is essential:

  • We achieve a low turnover and a high feeling of commitment and belonging
  • We are committed to internal promotion by offering various career opportunities
  • We offer extensive training and professionalization programs
  • We defend and support diversity


Our Mission defines what we do in line with our business strategy:

Solutions and Results

We have adopted the firm commitment to offer the best service to our clients with integrity and professionalism, establishing balanced and satisfactory solutions.

Innovation and Strong Capabilities and Resources

We earn trust by working respectfully and collaboratively. Our team of highly trained professionals, our advanced products and services and our technology put us at the forefront.

Proactive and Responsible Management

Our model of good governance and compliance, together with the fair treatment of credit recipients protect the good reputation of our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that putting our stakeholders first is essential for Gescobro's future. We are a company with many initiatives related to Corporate Social Responsibility and the development of the environment in which we operate:

Gescobro understands corporate responsibility as a joint effort, maintaining a broad focus that contemplates the sustainability and the impact of our actions in society. Our company is committed to social action, understood as those initiatives that allow the development of the most vulnerable groups. We want all disadvantaged groups to be represented in our plan and we try to understand their needs and try cover them effectively:

We focus our efforts in 5 areas:

These areas are the ones we consider vital to improve society:

Inclusion and diversity

From Gescobro, we understand that diversity and inclusion are fundamental for the growth of the economy and the strengthening of the social fabric. That is why we developed an equality plan that has ensured the employment 500 employees of 20 different nationalities that are treated in the same way regardless of their nationality, sex, and age.

Support for vulnerable groups

Gescobro carries out recurring collaborations with non-profit organizations that allow families with fewer resources both in Spain and in developing countries to access adequate nutrition. We also collaborate with other foundations that facilitate access for people with disabilities and serious illnesses to the resources and jobs they need.

Protection policy for vulnerable debtors

Gescobro has policies designed to prevent disadvantaged groups from being exposed to lack of protection.

Sustainable environment

We try to minimize our impact on the environment by monitoring our consumption and promoting the recycling of resources whenever possible.

Research grants

Gescobro collaborates with associations dedicated to cancer research.

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